Cake decorating is one of the new trends today. It is perfect for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day and other special events. Listed below are cheap, quick and easy ideas on how to decorate cakes.

1. Ready to roll fondant or sugarpaste. These can be bought in supermarkets in the cake decorating aisle. It makes your cake stand and it is really easy to work with. You can choose different colors or you use the white fondant and color it with your own choice.

2. Icing sugar. Icing sugar is one of the best decorating choice for simple cake decoration. You can just dust it into your cake freely. Just make sure your cake is cool when dusting icing sugar so that it won’t melt.

3. Buttercream and frosting. Buttercream is one of the most popular cake toppings. It can be made into different colors, flavors can be presented in different ways. Buttercream can also be turned into frosting by swapping the butter from cream cheese.

4. Marshmallows. Marshmallows are a simple way to turn your classic bake into a masterpiece. You can pile them high or melt them gently in a low heat. It is also affordable and it is a best decoration for kid’s birthday cakes or food giveaways.

5. Fondant shapes. You make some impressive fondant shapes by practicing. They are perfect if you made them in advance. Just make sure you keep them in an airtight container and handle with care when it comes to popping them into the cake.

6. Chocolates and Sweets. When using chocolates and sweets are used in decorating cake, it is recommended that it should be covered by a light buttercream or melted chocolate coating beforehand so that sweets have something to stick too otherwise they’ll be falling all over the place.

7. Desiccated Coconut. Coconut can also be decorated in the cake. It’s a healthier version of sugar sprinkles or sweets and looks just as effective. Before pressing the coconut into the cake, add first a light buttercream.

8. Fruit. Fruit is a best decoration if you want your cake to look like refreshing or something light. You can also theme your cakes as seasonal fruit. If you’re using a fresh fruit, make sure you add it at the last minute.

9. Nuts. Mixed nuts are perfect for giving your cake a new look. You can sprinkle it from top to bottom.

10. Chocolate fingers and cigarellos. If your cake has a little burnt around the edges or any flaw in the cake, you can use chocolate fingers and cigarellos. Cake Decorating

11. Written Message. You can make someone feel extra special by writing them a personal message on the cake. You can use icing or edible art pens.

12. Meringue. Whip up some soft meringues with egg whites and sugar and gently spoon or pipe it into the cake.

13. Real Flowers. You can use rose petals or sprig of lavender that can give your cake a spring feel design. They can make your cake look pretty and smell floral too. Tie bunches of flowers together and lie around the edge of your cake or sprinkle rose petals over your buttercream.

14. Spreads. If you’re short on time and money, spreads is the best decoration for that. You can use Nutella, marmalade and any other spreads. Just spread it on the top of your cake using a knife.

15. Sprinkles and Shop-bought decorations. You can easily bought it in supermarket. It’s also quick and easy to use. Just sprinkle it at the top of the cake or cupcakes.